Police forces across the South have been describing the challenges they face in ensuring members of the public adhere to social distancing.

They say they are still contending with large numbers of people heading to city centres and local beauty spots.

They are reiterating the government advice to stay at home for all but essential journeys.

Police in Southampton said their patrols would be challenging anyone spotted on the streets, and issuing fines for those who refused to comply.

Officers patrolling in Southampton Credit: Southampton Cops Facebook page

Officers have emphasised their four-phase approach, using engagement and persuasion before resorting to enforcement measures.

Around the city, officers are asking people parked up at regular walking spots if their journeys are essential.

Officers were asking visitors to Weston Shore if their journey was really necessary Credit: Southampton Cops Facebook page
Credit: Southampton Cops

"Today we have had to move many people on who just don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the situation.

Southampton Cops Facebook page

It comes as police in Crawley reported attending a number of house parties and neighbours gathering.

They also raised concerns that some pubs had been flouting the government advice and organising lock-ins:

Meanwhile Dorset Police have been handing out letters to motorists who've travelled to local beauty spots:

Thames Valley Police has reiterated the message to follow http://GOV.UK advice, which is NOT to meet others, even friends or family.