Firefighters join Age UK to deliver hot meals to elderly in Kent

More than 200 firefighters have volunteered to help Age UK deliver hot meals to the elderly and those self-isolating in Kent because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Many of the volunteers the charity usually relies upon are themselves self-isolating.

Hot meals, desserts, bread and tea are among the items delivered.

For some, it is the only person they will speak to the whole day.

They are not expecting a fire officer to turn up and be delivering their food but Age UK need all the help that they can get and support at the moment because some of their driver's aren't available, their normal day to day volunteers."

Alan Faulkner, Watch Manager, Kent Fire & Rescue Service

Age UK has had a huge response from the community, with around 94 people coming forward to help to deliver meals, prescriptions and do shopping.

Most of our volunteers are in that high risk category so unfortunately not able to help us out in the community but are doing a lot of work from home keeping in touch with our regular clients. We've have had a huge response from our local community I think a total of about 94 people have come forward to help deliver meals, prescriptions and do shopping. "A lot of people are anxious about what's to come. They don't know how long it's going to last for and it's not just those that are in the high risk category there are some younger people out there as well that are also in that high risk category we are also supporting."

Cleo Smith, Chief Officer, Age UK, Hythe & Lyminge