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Thames Valley Air Ambulance makes urgent appeal for donations of PPE equipment

The Thames Valley Air Ambulance has made an urgent appeal for donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) for use by frontline paramedics, doctors and pilots during the coronavirus outbreak.

The charity says it is "vital" its crews are protected from Covid-19, and is asking DIY stores, builders' merchants, vets, tattoo parlours and beauty salons to donate stock.

It added that the service is "struggling" to guarantee supplies because of increased demand due to the pandemic.

Items required are:

  • Disposable FFP3 Respirator Face Masks
  • Fluid-resistant Type IIR Surgical Masks
  • Coverall Suits Cat 3 Type 5/6
  • Clinical Aprons
  • Surgical Gloves
  • Anti-fog Glasses
  • Anti-bacterial Wipes/Gel Small & Large

Adam Panter, Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Independent emergency healthcare services, like the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, are not currently part of the official distribution pathways for equipment being used to protect NHS workers from the virus.

The charity says it has enough PPE supplies for the next couple of weeks, but it's keen to make sure it has enough so staff can "continue delivering the critical care they do".

Despite the pandemic, our community still needs our hospital-level treatment for those who are suffering life-threatening illnesses and injuries. While our crew are not being called out to patients known to, or suspected to, have COVID-19 – our crew are regularly in close contact with patients, creating a risk of infection."

– Thames Valley Air Ambulance