Several gin distilleries have started to manufacture hand sanitiser to bolster supplies for frontline NHS staff.

In Kent, Berkshire and Hampshire, distilleries have transformed into hand gel factories after unprecedented demand led to shortages.

Some paramedics from South East Coast Ambulance Service travelled to a distillery in Bristol to buy 150 litres of hand sanitiser at a cost of almost £1,000.

Our ambulance crews are obviously on the front line, they've got no access to hot running water and soap and they need to keep their hands clean. It is very, very important."

Jo Smith, Resource Dispatcher, SECAmb

It's quite worrying that it wasn't available anywhere but I guess it's down to panic buying by members of the public. But we know there's shortages of it and appreciate that other companies have gone above and beyond to produce this essential item for us."

Luke Wheeler, SECAmb

We aren't the only ambulance Trust that is struggling, there are many more ambulance Trusts out there who are struggling to get simple things like face masks, appropriate aprons and hand sanitiser. These are very difficult times and the government keeps saying to us that they have got the supplies, they are coming, but we aren't seeing them.

Ben Collict, Resource Dispatcher, SECAmb

The government insists its full weight is behind efforts to distribute adequate safety gear.

Credit: ITV News Meridian

The Isle of Wight Distillery is among those who have switched to producing sanitiser to support the local community.

The team are giving special priority to key workers and organisations such as schools, residential homes and postal workers.

We can now produce hand sanitiser, or Wight Wash, which we've prioritised in the last week getting to the key critical workers and organisations including Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, the ambulance service, the fire service, police, doctors, nurses, surgeries, care workers, care homes."

Xavier Baker, Managing Director, Isle of Wight Distillery

The 137 Gin Distillery in Newbury is providing hand sanitiser for the emergency services.

At the moment I'm making hand sanitiser for the emergency services and I'm asking can you please donate and help me raise money so I can buy the products so that I can continue to make hand sanitiser for the people who really need it."

Pete Lumber, 137 Gin Distillery