Coronavirus: Are my post, packages and food deliveries still safe?

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As lockdown continues, people are relying more and more on delivery services and post to keep them supplied and connected.

But as we're being urged to reduce our social contact, some are concerned that receiving a parcel could be another way to get infected.

  • What is the risk of catching Covid19 from my post?

In short - very low.

Covid19 is a virus, and unlike bacteria these do not survive for very long outside of the human body.

That means that there's little chance that your post, a parcel or even a takeaway delivery could carry the virus.

  • How long could coronavirus survive on surfaces?

Coronavirus' ability to survive on a surface depends on the material it is made off.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that Covid19 could survive on cardboard for up to 24 hours, while it could manage up to 3 days on plastic.

However this was in laboratory conditions, so it is probable that the virus wouldn't be able to survive as long in real life.

  • How can I protect myself?

The most effective way to reduce your risk of infection in any situation, but particularly in this case, is to follow the government advice.

In other words, stay at least 2m away from your delivery driver, and once you've opened whatever they're bringing you, wash your hands.

Delivery services are also taking extra precautions to reduce human contact during deliveries as well.

Royal Mail says it's postmen and women are regularly washing their hands and are wearing gloves for deliveries.

They've also come up with 'contactless' ways to deliver to people who are self isolating.

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