Coronavirus: The Drive-thru centres being used to fight the virus

  • Video report including interviews with Dr Faye Hinsley and Jamie Freeman, Aerodrome owner

A drive-thru assessment centre for people with severe symptoms of Coronavirus is being used to fight the virus in Kent.

It's one of several centres across the county with the sites - being called 'hot hubs' planned in Wiltshire and Sussex as GPs do their bit to beat Covid 19.

The pop-up service at Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent will be used by people who are given an appointment by their doctor over the phone.

People arriving at the drive-thru will be directed to their assessment

Once they arrive they will then be checked over, with their temperature, blood pressure and oxygen level tested.

Patients will then be directed to hospital for further treatment or their homes to rest.

The site at Headcorn is being led by Dr Faye Hinsley.

"We are anticipating that a lot of people get this condition that 80% will have mild symptons and will be able to stay at home but there will be a small proportion who become unwell. If you become unwell you can phone your GP for advice if you need to be seen you will be by at a GP at one of these centres."

When the virus peaks Faye and her team are expecting to assess more than 180 people a day, at an aerodrome first opened in the second world war.

The entrance to the drive-thru

Jamie Freeman owns the site and says he volunteered it to the NHS,

"During the war we knew the enemy and we knew what we were fighting. Now we can't see the enemy, we know the enemy's out there, and actually it's taken a while for people to get used to the idea that this is serious. Now we are all sitting with the Churchill spirit to try and overcome it and to do our bit.