Council bosses and police are urging people NOT to put lives at risk by continuing to visit beaches and beauty spots.

Brighton and Hove City Council issued an urgent plea yesterday after fine weather brought hundreds of people to the beach, making social distancing impossible.

Another warm day is forecast, and police say they don't want a repeat of yesterday, when they had to move people on, including two people who were having a barbecue.

They will now appear in court for breaching the Coronavirus Act 2020.

It's not the story everywhere though - as Gosport Police pointed out in a tweet - 'For every report of people failing to adhere to the government instructions, we're receiving lots more of people doing the right thing and staying at home.'

And other police forces agreed:

And this was the M3 near Junction 7 for Basingstoke at 10.45 on Saturday morning. Viewer Jacquie Marsh took it on her daily walk:

A rare sight on a Saturday morning Credit: Jacquie Marsh