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Footage of falcons at Salisbury Cathedral viewed by thousands

Peregrine falcons have nested on the roof of Salisbury Cathedral.

Webcam footage set up by staff has attracted more than 42,000 people, who watched the live video in the last month.

The popularity of the birds has increased dramatically, when compared to last year, when the live footage was only viewed by 800 people.

Credit: Salisbury Cathedral

Since the falcons have been nested on the roof of the cathedral, four eggs have been laid.

The first egg was laid on Mother's Day.

The birds have hatched their eggs at the tower annually since 2014, except for 2018.

Staff believe the popularity of the live footage of this year's breeding season is due to more people being at home in isolation.

people tuned into the webcam last month
Credit: Salisbury Cathedral

Staff at the Cathedral believe the falcon will start to incubate the eggs once all of them are laid.

The incubation period can take approximately 29-30 days, meaning the chicks could hatch in early May.

Nature Conservation Adviser, Phil Sheldrake said staff are "hoping there will only be four" as it is a lot of work to incubate the eggs and to feed them once they hatch.

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“Peregrines do sometimes lay five, or more rarely six eggs. We are hoping it’ll only be four just for the sake of the female. Incubating more than four can be a challenge and often an egg can be left uncovered. It’s also a lot of mouths to feed if they eventually hatch."

– Phil Sheldrake, Nature Conservation Adviser
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