While most people across the South followed the government's advice to stay home over the weekend, a small minority did not.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock, branded some people's behaviour as "quite unbelievable", as they ignored the rules on social distancing during the warm weather.

Brighton and Hove City Council issued a warning that there were too many people along the seafront, after hundreds flocked to the seaside.

One couple were even charged after they settled on the beach for a BBQ.

Police could be seen distinguishing the coals with water.

In the Thames Valley, police, ambulance and fire crews were called out to a car crash in Thatcham.

The incident was caused when a large bug flew into the vehicle and distracted the driver.

The three friends in the car, had been driving 10 miles from home in order to take the dog for a walk.

In Sussex, the RNLI received a mayday call from a yacht which had run aground off Selsey Bill on Sunday.

The Helmsman said he was "surprised" to get a call involving a yacht, after the government had advised against all non-essential travel during the coronavirus outbreak.

Credit: RNLI/Max Gilligan

However, in Dorset, people did seem to listen to the Government's warnings about social distancing and stayed clear of Bournemouth beach.

Similarly, residents in Southsea didn't go to the seafront, despite the sunny weather.

Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Images

After two weeks of the UK in lockdown, the Government is remaining firm on its instructions about social distancing.

It said it is a "mission critical" to follow the social distancing guidelines and to stay at home, even as the weather continues to brighten.

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