99-year-old thought to be oldest Briton to recover from Covid-19

A 99-year-old woman, who lives in Hampshire, is thought to be the oldest Briton to recover from coronavirus.

Carrie Pollock has praised the 'wonderful' hospital staff who saved her life after she contracted Covid-19.

Carrie, who is originally from Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen, in south Wales, is now resting at her home in Hayling Island.

She was treated by medical staff at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.

Carrie said anyone who chooses to ignore the Government's advice about social distancing and non-essential travel is "foolish".

She said: "I think they should adhere to it and take notice, because you never know whether you'll catch it or not."

"It's very important to listen to what they tell you. I mean you can just walk past someone and get the virus, so what's the point in doing it?"

  • Carrie Pollock

Carrie's great-great-niece, Jess Keeley said they are still unsure how Carrie contracted the virus and were "shocked" when they found out she had it.

She said: "It was touch and go for a while. When we found out she had the virus, we couldn't go and see her."

"For much of her recovery, we weren't able to interact with her, which was so hard. It was worrying for us, as we weren't sure first-hand what was happening."

  • Jess Keeley, Carrie's great-great-niece