• Video report with interviews from Peter Froggatt, Butterbox Farm, Scott Billings - Digital Engagement Manager, Oxford University Museum of Natural History and The Very Revd Dr Robert Willis - Dean of Canterbury

If you fancy a trip to a farm or a museum then chances are you’ll be able to do it from your front room as visitor attractions take a virtual turn.

With the Easter break underway and tourist attractions physically closed it’s good news if you’ve got kids and are looking for things to do.

  • Farming from your front room

Farming in your front room Credit: Butterbox Farm

Butterbox Farm in Haywards Heath has been keeping people informed, entertained and given a reason to make you smile on Facebook.

Just because we’re in lockdown lambing does not stop, their videos on Facebook have been taking thousands of viewers through the process.

  • Digital Dinosaurs

Oxford University Museum of Natural History’s gone virtual Credit: Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Oxford University Museum of Natural History’s seven million objects of course pre-date the internet but its dinosaurs are being displayed digitally.

In the attraction's virtual online museum you can take a look at the artefacts and admire the building’s structure.

  • Contemporary Gallery in Hastings

Your tour guide is a...robot Credit: Hastings Contemporary

Hastings Contemporary Gallery is offering guides of its museum by robot.

People can book a tour online and be taken round to be shown the exhibits.

  • Canterbury Cathedral

A virtual tour of Canterbury Cathedral Credit: Canterbury Cathedral

At Canterbury Cathedral prayers are being broadcast online to provide support for people during the pandemic.

The Cathedral also has a virtual tour where you can take a good look around the iconic structure and learn and few things too.

  • Bored of watching the world from your window?

Credit: Salisbury Cathedral

If you're fed up watching the world from your window then how about this view? A live webcam of peregrine falcons on the roof on Salisbury Cathedral.

More than 40,000 people have tuned in!

  • Ride a rollercoaster

Ride a rollercoaster from your front room Credit: Brighton Palace Pier

If you do and want a thrill then buckle up and brace yourself as Brighton Palace Pier has put up videos of its rollercoasters online.*

*Not ideal if you’re not a fan of heights.**

  • The jewel in Brighton's crown

Take a virtual tour of Brighton's Royal Pavilion Credit: Brighton's Royal Pavilion

If you've never stepped inside Brighton's Royal Pavilion now is your chance.

You can take virtual tour of the jewel in the city's crown