Kent NHS choir 'Stay At Home' song goes viral

A song virtually recorded by staff at Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust has been viewed thousands of times online.

The choir wrote new lyrics to 'This is Me' from The Greatest Showman, to help motivate colleagues and encourage the public to stay at home.

Each singer recorded their own parts separately from their homes, and the videos were then pulled together as one piece.

The new version of the song is called 'Stay At Home' and includes advice about social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak.

The tune recognises the hard work of NHS staff during the pandemic and tells the public how they can help to support them.

Important messaging about everyone staying at home and avoiding non-essential travel, is a key part of the song.

A line in the song said: "So if you want me to help you when you've got the flu. You've got to help me too. Stay at home."

Within four days of posting the video on social media, it had been viewed more than 54,000 times.

One of these people was Keala Settle, who played Lettie Lutz in The Greatest Showman.

The actress and singer 'liked' the video after seeing it online.

The choir is made up of nurses, healthcare assistants, support service colleagues and other NHS staff.

The Trust helps communities in Kent, Medway and East Sussex.

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