How many lockdown-related fines have been issued in the South East?

Police forces across the South East have issued more than 800 fines to members of the public who have allegedly breached the new coronavirus lockdown laws.

Here is a full breakdown of the number of fines police forces issued between March 27 and April 13:

  • Thames Valley: 219

  • Surrey: 205

  • Sussex: 163

  • Hampshire: 103

  • Wiltshire: 69

  • Kent: 53

  • Dorset: 23

It comes after two people were summoned to court for having a barbecue on the beach in Hove during the lockdown.

Brighton and Hove City Council issued an urgent plea on April 4, two weeks into the lockdown, after sunny weather brought hundreds of people to the beach, making social distancing impossible.

Credit: ITV News Meridian

However, the majority of people obeyed social distancing rules and stayed at home over the Easter weekend.

The advice from the government remains, "Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives".

Thames Valley Police has issued the most fines compared to other forces across the South East.

Chief Constable John Campbell, said the force will "continue to engage with the public, explain the restrictions and encourage people to stay indoors".

He added that "when necessary" enforcement action will be taken if people are "not listening to the advice" and "putting others at risk".