Six-year-old takes on running challenge to raise hundreds of pounds for NHS

Six-year-old Luca Summers, from Christchurch near Bournemouth, has taken on his own running challenge to raise hundreds of pounds for the NHS during the coronavirus crisis.

Luca hopes to raise £1500 for the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust by running 100 miles in April.

The coronavirus is killing people and I would like to help the people so they can stay healthy and safe."

Luca Summers, 6-years-old
Luca ran five miles on the first day of the challenge. Credit: Laura Summers

On the first day of his running challenge, Luca managed to run five miles.

He has now reached 26 miles, even braving the wet weather, to raise more than £900 and counting.

Credit: Laura Summers

Luca says he wants to help the NHS staff who are saving lives.

Luca's mother Laura Summers is running with him every step of the way.

Credit: Laura Summers