An early arrival! Mother gives birth in car on way to Hampshire hospital

One couple from Hampshire got a surprise when their baby decided to arrive early while on their way to the hospital, meaning he had to be delivered in a supermarket car park.

Hannah and Andrew Howells were on their way to Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton when Wilf decided it was time to say hello to the world.

Hannah says: "I remember that panic when I could look down and see his head was out. There I was in the front seat of my car with my husband on the phone. It all felt totally bonkers."

The couple had to pull over in the car park of a local Sainsbury's supermarket.

With the support of a 999 call handler, Andrew helped to deliver his baby son.

He says: "The doors were open on the car and I was rummaging in the boot to find something to wrap the baby in. I found a couple of cardigans. Then a man came out with some flowers, clearly bought for somebody else, but he said 'here, you look like you deserve these'."

Credit: ITV Meridian

Hannah and Wilf, who weighed a healthy 6lbs 7 ounces, are now back home and are both doing well.

Andrew says: "My wife is amazing. He's [Wilf] feeding really well and Hannah's been amazing. To give birth to him in a car with your seat belt on is one thing. He's chilled, despite the chaos of the world he came in to."

Hannah and Andrew won't forget the experience in a hurry but it will be a few years before Wilf can understand the unusual place and time in which he was born.

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