Plane carrying 10 million pairs of gloves for NHS arrives in Bournemouth

Supplies are unloaded from the Airbus A340 Credit: PA

A passenger plane has landed at Bournemouth airport with 10 million pairs of surgical gloves for the NHS.

The Airbus A340 9H-EAL, with "Thank You NHS" written on its fuselage, arrived in Dorset after picking up the supplies from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The aircraft, owned by Bournemouth-based European Aviation Group, touched down at around 8.15am on Sunday, with the boxes of gloves then passed to NHS supplier Crest Medical, based in Warrington, which commissioned the delivery.

Credit: PA

Paul Stoddart, European Aviation's chairman, told the PA news agency: "Today's flight was a total success. Twenty million gloves, that's 10 million pairs of gloves, delivered to Crest Medical and on their way to the NHS.

"Well done everyone."

Credit: PA

The flight is the second to land at the airport with NHS supplies, after 120,000 surgical gowns were brought from Tianjin, China, on Tuesday.

Several more flights are scheduled to depart from Bournemouth over the next few weeks to bring back PPE.