"We wanted to do something positive": Meet the young people getting creative during lockdown

Across our region, young people are turning to creative arts to help themselves and others during the coronavirus lockdown.

Among them a Member of the UK Youth Parliament from West Sussex and a performing art school from Kent, who've shared their work online.

  • WATCH: School of Panto (Kent) perform their cover "Heal the World"

The students were meant to be performing in their spring show over the weekend (3 May) but were forced to close when closures for other schools were announced.

Chris Parks, the school's director said: "With 180 pupils disappointed that their show had been postponed...[we] decided to record a song with the pupils remotely and edit this together in our home studios.

"We had previously been toying with the idea of recording this at Christmas but I wanted to bring it forward in these unprecedented times."

The students were each sent separate parts to learn, while members of staff at the school recorded a new backing track and rewrote lyrics.

Chris said: "Our NHS is unbelievable, far bigger and better than anything we could ever do.

"But we wanted to do something positive for our pupils and we wanted to make them feel like they had done something positive in return."

The school has since raised more than £1,000 for NHS charities thanks to their singing efforts.

  • WATCH: Farah Khan reads her poem "8 o'clock"

Farah Khan represents Crawley and East Grinstead in the UK Youth Parliament.

Amid the stress and strain of lockdown, she put pen to paper and wrote "8 o'clock", her reflection on the Thursday evening Clap for Carers and what she says it tells us about society.