Urgent studies taking place in Oxford to try and solve the Covid-19 crisis

15 urgent studies are taking place at Oxford University Credit: ITV Meridian

At least 15 urgent studies are taking place at the University of Oxford, to try to find a vaccine for Covid-19. Researchers say good progress is being made.

Oxford is world-renowned for its academic expertise. But what's taking place in some of the university buildings could hold the key to the future health of mankind itself.

There are strong hopes of finding a vaccine and effective treatments, in an unprecedented scientific effort.

It's hoped the trials at Oxford University will help find a vaccine Credit: ITV Meridian
  • Richard Haynes, Professor of Clinical Trials, Oxford University Hospitals

The studies rely on patient volunteers. Tim Clayden spent his 60th birthday in Oxford's John Radcliffe hospital, with Covid 19. He vividly remembers his harrowing experience.

Luckily Tim managed to recover from Covid-19 Credit: ITV Meridian
  • Tim Clayden

But somehow Tim managed to pull through, and started volunteering for a study looking at blood samples from Covid-19 patients, in the hope that others won't have to suffer the horrors inflicted by the virus.

Tim and his wife Kathy are now looking forward to the future.

Tim and his wife Kathy are now looking forward to their future Credit: ITV Meridian
  • Kathy Clayden

It's hoped that relief will be extended to countless others, if the research in Oxford, is eventually successful.

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