DIY face coverings: How to make your own

The government is encouraging people to wear face coverings in public to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

The foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, told ITV News that face coverings "don't really have much of an impact" in protecting the wearer, but they can "provide an incremental mitigation" of the risk to other people.

The public is encouraged to wear face masks in enclosed spaces, including:

  • Public transport (e.g. trains, buses)

  • Shops (e.g. supermarkets)

Two women from Hampshire have created tutorials to help people make their own coverings at home, to ensure medical grade masks can be saved for frontline health and care workers.

Billie Fletcher has created tutorials about how to make them using a sewing machine.

I made a batch and put them on my Facebook page. People love them and kept asking for more, so I've done another batch since then and I'm working on my third batch. I'm getting inundated with requests for them."

Billie Fletcher
  • Click here to find out how to make a face covering using a T-shirt or a piece of cloth

Kelly Barker works as a Technical Coordinator at Solent University.

She wanted to show others how make their own after being given an NHS face mask.

What I started with was a basic face mask from the NHS which someone gave me before I left work and I looked at it and thought I can copy that. On the internet, there are other complicated ones, but I've actually found that the rectangle ones with pleats in, fit the face better."

Kelly Barker, Technical Coordinator, Solent University