Many people are receiving some financial help to get them through the coronavirus crisis, but there are also people who are facing financial ruin.

Citizens Advice claims that more than 13 million people have already missed, or expect to miss, at least one bill because of the restrictions in place to stop the spread of the virus.

After three years building his business, Neil Hodgkinson is having to re-launch at a new location in Christchurch.

The lockdown meant he lost all his income overnight, and needed a government loan to carry on.

  • Neil Hodgkinson

Alison Wressell owns a record store in Folkestone in Kent and relies on passing trade.

She did receive a small business grant, but is concerned that she has no other income to pay her bills.

Alison Wressell owns this record shop in Folkestone but is worried about paying her bills Credit: ITV Meridian
  • Alison Wressell

  • Jake Morrison, Citizens Advice

Actor Will Richardson has swapped the stage for the garden, after recently completing a successful run in Les Miserables.

But the lockdown also shutdown his income and so Will is concerned about the future.

Actor Will Richardson has swapped the stage for the garden Credit: ITV Meridian
Actor Will Richardson recently completed a successful run in Les Miserables. Credit: Cameron Mackintosh Ltd

"Most people who work or some professions are able to go back with some social distancing in place but as a performer it's very hard to do that, especially in theatre. Trying to get an audience to social distance is going to be quite difficult for productions and producers."

Will Richardson, actor