The garden packed with personality! How Driftwood is inspiring keen gardeners

Gardens such as Driftwood in Seaford are offering virtual tours Credit: ITV Meridian

Charities will miss out on £4million because the gardens that feature in the famous yellow book of the National Gardens Scheme couldn't open this year.

The NGS has fixed this by offering virtual visits of the private gardens that open each year for good causes.

Driftwood is inspiring gardeners to make the most of the smallest of spaces Credit: ITV Meridian

In the last ten years 20,000 people have been in Geoff Stonebanks' back garden - many of them repeat visitors.

Measuring 40 feet at widest point Driftwood in Seaford is a garden packed with personality.

Driftwood in Seaford has some unusual items in the gardeb Credit: ITV Meridian
  • Geoff Stonebanks

To make it into the yellow book of gardens open for charity any garden has to have 20 minutes of interest no matter what its size.

Since its first open day Geoff's garden has raised £30,000. Social distancing here isn't an option so it won't be opening this year.

Thanks the the NGS virtual visits, it's still possible for others to enjoy Driftwood and dozens of other gardens to see how even a smallest space can inspire.

Driftwood in Seaford has raised more than £30,000 for charity since it opened in 2011 Credit: ITV Meridian