More than £5,000 has been raised for the family of a care-worker from Surrey, who died after contracting Covid-19.

Justina Faltado, known as Tina - worked in a nursing home in Farnham.

The money raised will help pay for her burial in the Philippines.

  • Rica Faltado, Justina's daughter

Justina Faltado was a care worker dedicated to her job and family. But she died two weeks ago from Covid-19. She was 57-years-old.

"She was so weak. She waved and smiled at me. All I could do was wave at her as well. That was the last time I saw her alive."

Rica Faltado, Justina's daughter
Justina died two weeks ago after contracting Covid-19 Credit: ITV Meridian

Justina was known as Tina at the nursing home she had worked at for the past sixteen years. She was selflessly supporting her colleagues and caring for clients who had come down with the virus.

Voage Care which runs the facility in Farnham has said it is deeply saddened by Justina's passing Credit: ITV Meridian

Voyage Care which runs the care home in Farnham said, they had always maintained sufficient stock of PPE, and that they are deeply saddened by Justina's passing.

Rica Faltado will take her mother's ashes back to the Philippines so other family members can say goodbye Credit: ITV Meridian

Friends and colleagues have raised over £5,000 so that Rica can take her mum's ashes to the Philippines and allow the rest of the family to say goodbye.