A campaign to ban the sale of disposable barbeques in Dorset has gained more than ten thousand signatures.

It follows the devastating fire in Wareham Forest two weeks ago which destroyed hundreds of hectares of heathland. Firefighters found disposable barbecues at the scene.

  • Hazel Pittwood launched the petition. She said "We have to take action to stop these fires happening year after year" as she called for a ban on disposable BBQs in Dorset.

Every year Dorset's heathlands suffer devastating fires, often caused by disposable BBQs. Having worked as a warden on local council owned heathland reserves I know firsthand the impact that they have; I regularly found disposable BBQs abandoned, littering reserves. I also routinely found people using them on heathland reserves such as Ham Common and Alder Hills, both of which had devastating fires over the past two years. I have found the bodies of animals killed in local heath fires and helped rescue the survivors left in the smouldering remains. It is heartbreaking.

Hazel Pittwood

The cause of the Wareham Forest fire is being investigated.