Sunseekers ignore beach closures after four injured tombstoning at Durdle Door

Durdle Door today, despite the council announcing the beach was closed Credit: PA

Hundreds of people have ignored warnings to stay away from a Dorset beach, after four people were injured, three seriously, while jumping into the sea from Durdle Door.

Police declared a critical incident yesterday, after two of the casualties were airlifted to hospital.

A man is filmed jumping around 70 feet from the famous arch Credit: @FellowMarkW

Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team it was an afternoon "none of us will forget in a hurry."

They described four people jumping around 70 feet from the arch into the sea at the famous beauty spot, egged on by crowds.

One of the casualties had to be pulled from the sea bed. Another jumped from the arch but managed to stagger back to friends before falling "very unwell".

Both were airlifted to the major trauma unit at Southampton General Hospital.

A third casualty suffered injuries to his body and was taken by ambulance to Dorchester District Hospital.

Pictures from Purbeck Police show the crowds being moved to safety so the air ambulance could land.

Today Dorset Police tweeted that Durdle Door and the Lulworth Cove area remained closed. Dorset Council also asked visitors to avoid the area.

But pictures taken by the Press Association today show hundreds of people making their way down to the beauty spot, including one person diving into the sea, albeit from a much lower level.

A person dives into the sea from Durdle Door despite warnings from the Coastguard. Credit: PA