Divide over green light to build UK's biggest solar farm in Kent

  • Video report by ITV News Meridian's Tony Green

The decision to build the UK's biggest solar farm in the Kent countryside has divided opinion.

Acres of marshland at Graveney Marshes has been given the green light to be turned into the solar farm, using renewable energy to power thousands of homes.

However those in opposition say the area is biologically sensitive, and that legal action may be the only option to stop it going ahead.

Well the site is nearly 9000 acres of marshland and we are just frankly thunderstruck that permission could be given for somewhere that is so biologically sensitive and so sensitive in terms of landscape impact as this.

Hilary Newport, Campaign to Protect Rural England

The solar farm itself would be roughly the same size as Faversham, a market town just over a mile away from the proposed site.

There has been a rigorous environmental statement there is a real biodiversity gain for the site and this site in terms of numbers would reduce carbon emissions by 68,000 tonnes a year."

Simon McCarthy, Project Director, Cleve Hill Solar Park

Despite the opposition, now that the proposal for green energy has been given the green light, construction could begin next year.

Credit: ITV Meridian