There is increasing pressure on the government from MP's, airline bosses and the tourist industry to scrap the 14-day quarantine rules.

From next Monday, nearly everyone arriving into the UK will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Travellers, including Brits returning from their holidays, will have to tell the government where they will be staying and there will be random spot checks.

Those who do not comply will receive fines of up to £1000.

However experts say the rules will devastate the travel industry and could result in even more job losses.

Credit: ITV Meridian

The government says the new measure is essential as coronavirus numbers in the UK are falling, but it has caused great concern amongst the aviation industry and Airlines UK, the trade body which represents the likes of BA and EasyJet.

It says the financial impact will be huge.

All of our carriers aren't flying. There's no revenue and essentially they're burning through cash reserves. So, we need to get the sector moving as quickly as we can. We have to do it safely, so we understand where the quarantine has come from, but it's a pretty blunt instrument."

Rob Griggs, Airlines UK

There will be some people who will be exempt from the quarantine measures such as:

  • healthcare professionals

  • police officers

  • lorry drivers

  • seasonal farm workers

People will also be exempt if they are arriving from:

  • Ireland

  • Channel Islands

  • Isle of Man

However hopes of a holiday abroad this year are not completely dashed yet.

The government is considering so-called 'air bridges', which is an agreement between two countries to waive the quarantine period to allow tourists to travel without restrictions, which has been welcomed by the Association of British Travel Agents