Coronavirus: How people living with disabilities are coping during lockdown

  • Video report by ITV News Meridian reporter Chlöe Oliver on how people living with disabilities are finding ways to cope during the lockdown.

People living with disabilities say they've been feeling particularly vulnerable during the pandemic, struggling with anxiety and feelings of isolation on top of the prospect of no longer getting the care they need at home.

One charity that offers holidays for disabled people and their carers is supporting those in urgent need of care.

Victoria Siegler, who lives with brittle bone disease, has been shielding at home in Brighton since March.

Lucy Wynne has several auto-immune illnesses so made the decision to travel 116 miles from her home in Rochester to Southampton to get the care she needs from a respite centre which she had previously visited.

Jo Morgan, the Chief Operating Officer for Revitalise, says this pandemic is a particularly time for those living with disabilities.