The future of air travel: a look into the 'new' Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is making the final preparations to welcome passengers back in to its North Terminal, which has been shut since April.

Flights will resume on Monday (15/06) with people having to follow new rules to make sure they can stay safe, but there's a worry new quarantine rules introduced yesterday will impact recovery.

  • Report by ITV News Meridian's James Dunham

Going into Gatwick, you'll not only need your passport but now a face mask too, with hand sanitising stations the new holiday essential.

This is an airport preparing for post-peak pandemic life.

Plenty of hand sanitising stations in the terminals Credit: ITV Meridian

From Monday (15/06) passengers can start checking in once again.

The airport has a list of 280 things it needs to complete to make sure it's safe for them to do so.

Gatwick Airport need to make sure it's completely safe to travel Credit: ITV Meridian
Passengers will have to sanitise their hands Credit: ITV Meridian

A team of 16 will work at Gatwick's two terminals, constantly cleaning and spraying hard surfaces with disinfectant.

However, hygiene won't be enough for passengers to return

The the airport's chief executive told ITV News Meridian the new two week quarantine needs lifting.

  • Stewart Wingate, Chief Executive- Gatwick Airport:

If the airport can't recover, half the people in nearby Crawley could be without work.

Environmental campaigners think we shouldn't rely on aviation.

  • Sally Pavey, Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emission:

Having 125 planes parked up is not a good look for any airport.

Gatwick knows its recovery will be slow, but it insists it's safe to fly here as it hopes for a steady return of passengers.

Gatwick Airport's North Terminal has been shut since April Credit: ITV Meridian