Football fans order cardboard cutouts in support of Brighton & Hove Albion

Brighton Albion are preparing for the return of the Premier League next week.

It's been three months since Brighton last played, but the team will now face Arsenal on Saturday.

Throughout the pandemic, the club has worked hard to help the local community.

Brighton Albion and its supporters raised £4000 for local charities, while its players launched a campaign and delivered food to those in need.

Paul Barber, Chief Executive, Brighton & Hove Albion said: "We always feel that we owe a debt to our community and I think during this crisis we've done everything we can to support them in any way that we can."

Due to the pandemic, the matches will be behind closed doors which meansfans won't be allowed into the stadium to watch.

The club say supporters must do their bit by staying away.

Manager Graham Potter says the team will have to adapt to playing without fans.

He said: "The hostility of the home crowd in the Premier League, this is where the advantage is. But with no crowds, you have to just play football and play football as well as you can."

Thirty thousand supporters would normally have turned up to cheer Albion on.

Instead, fans have been ordering cardboard cutouts of themselves to be displayed in the stadium.

Brighton say they will have cutouts of fans at the stadium for the club's remaining home games this season.

  • Paul Barber, Chief Executive, Brighton & Hove Albion:

All players have been following strict guidelines, to try to make sure everyone is safe.

The club says it can see a bright future, despite despite massive financial losses caused by the pandemic.

"Sadly it's going to cost us many tens of millions of pounds over this season. In excess of losses that we had already predicted. Hopefully the worst of the crisis is behind us and we can look forward to things slowly improving."

Paul Barber, Chief Executive, Brighton & Hove Albion