Your Meridian Weather Team

Holly Green

Weather Presenter - Holly Green Credit: ITV Weather

As a child Holly always made a nightly appointment to watch her favourite weather forecasters on the evening news.

To follow in the footsteps of her weather heroes, she studied Maths and Meteorology before training as a Met Office forecaster and finding herself working in the wilds of Lincolnshire at RAF Coningsby. Forecasting for the pilots of the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight certainly put her through her paces.

Next stop was the BBC Weather Centre where she forecast behind the camera before stepping in front of the green screen at BBC Spotlight in Plymouth in 2014.

Finally Holly got a chance to join ITV Meridian - the very programme she’d grown up watching - and now she’s the one doing her best to get it right every night!

Follow Holly on Twitter: @HollyJGreen

Philippa Drew

Weather Presenter - Philippa Drew Credit: ITV Weather

Philippa decided she wanted to be a Weather Presenter at the age of 7 so it has been a long and interesting journey! After graduating from Reading University Philippa joined the Met Office, initially as a Broadcast Assistant at the BBC Weather Centre.

Philippa qualified as a meteorologist in 2003 and then spent 5 years in London forecasting behind the scenes at ITV Weather, followed by a further 8 years forecasting for the Royal Artillery on the Salisbury Plain. During this time, she began presenting the weather for ITV on an ad hoc basis before officially joining the ITV Weather team in 2017. When she's not cloud-spotting, Philippa particularly enjoys running, baking, skiing and keeping tabs on her delinquent rescue cat.

Follow Philippa on Twitter: @PhilippaDrewITV