Wildfire warning following blaze on Isle of Wight

  • Video credit: Tanya Rock

Fire services have issued a warning about the risk of wildfires during soaring temperatures across the South.

It comes after thirty firefighters were called to a blaze at Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight on Tuesday evening, believed to have been caused by a disposable barbecue.

Freshwater Fire Station says the heat from the barbecue set fire to hill side bushes, causing fire damage to an area measuring approximately 50 metres x 50 metres.

Credit: Freshwater Fire Station

Crews stopped it spreading to residential properties on the hill top, into the pleasure park, and into grazing land.

They say 'a huge environmental disaster' was prevented, which could have cost 'untold damage and ruined lives'.

As temperatures soar across the region, fire services are urging the public to dispose of barbecues safely.

Credit: Freshwater Fire Station