Swimming clubs criticise government's "contradictory" decision to keep pools shut

  • Video report by ITV News Meridian's Andrew Pate

Swimming clubs across the South East are calling for the government to reopen pools as soon as possible.

They had been gearing up for the return of swimmers and divers on July 4, but instead they are still waiting to find out when they can return to action.

Some members of Brighton Swimming Club have taken to the sea to practice during the pandemic.

While Hart Swimming Club in North Hampshire has been keeping its members busy, on land, through various challenges.

Many have utilised their sun loungers, paddling pools and even ponds to get their practice in.

Members of Hart Swimming Club have come up with inventive ways to practice. Credit: Hart Swimming Club

Spencer Farmer who is the Chairman of Hart Swimming Club said: "Swimming clubs are clearly not cheap to run. So we're looking for appropriate support from the members of the clubs, the swimmers and their parents, but also from the pool operators and the sports bodies we're affiliated to."

Coaches from the Bassett JSF club decided to take decisive action to keep their members sharp by taking some of them into the River Hamble to practice.  

Meanwhile Faversham Swimming Club has been busy with virtual Synchronised Swimming. 

Members of the Bassett JSF club started to swim in the River Hamble.

At the Quays in Southampton, the diving team cannot wait to get back onto the high board.