The Medway towns could be forced into a local lockdown just like Leicester after a sharp rise in cases of coronavirus in June. 

Leicester has seen a steady increase this month, culminating in more than 1000 cases since lockdown. Doncaster and Derby, too, are heading in the wrong direction.

But Medway's increase from 10 to 17 cases over the last two weeks, now totaling more than 800 cases, is giving real cause for concern. 

There are concerns after a spike in the number of coronavirus cases in Medway

Last night the Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Parliament what was happening  in Leicester was a worry, and that the Government had no alternative but to reintroduce the lockdown to bring down the spread of the virus meaning schools and non-essential shops are now closed.

Today his boss reinforced the message.

Well with a 70 per cent increase in positive cases in Medway this last week, health officials will be keeping a close eye on whether the further easing of lockdown this Saturday will impact the infection rate.


Increase in Covid-19 cases in Medway in last week

Two business owners say they hope it doesn't rise - but say people's health comes first.

We've been told social distancing is key to slowing the spread of Covid-19 but shoppers today told me it's frustrating that some aren't sticking to the rules.

There has been a rise in coronavirus cases in Medway

Medway Council say the increase these last two weeks has been small, and there's been no evidence of any widespread community transmission.

But they also say they'll take whatever action is appropriate to stop the spread - especially with the reopening of pubs and restaurants on Saturday.