Enough is enough after too many near-misses on Folkestone village road

Densole village residents in Folkestone are worried about the dangers that come with the A260. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Villagers living near Folkestone say traffic driving dangerously through Densole is putting lives at risk.

After one death and three serious incidents on the A260  in the last five years, locals say enough's enough.

  • Report by ITV News Meridian's Abigail Bracken:

Villagers say traffic on the A260 at Densole is getting worse and making it increasingly dangerous to cross.

It's scary when there's not the white lines to tell you that there's a good crossing.

Jacob Bervill, aged 8

  • Jenny Bervill, Densole resident

Residents say that traffic drives far too fast around the bend and they say that makes it incredibly dangerous to try and cross the road between the bus stop and the pub and the shop just beyond.

  • Bernard Gorham, Densole resident

Safety changes to our roads are made in areas most in need of improvement first, which have got the support of the whole community...we're happy to consider all requests.

Kent County Council spokesperson

Villagers say they need crossings built and a lower speed limit to stop anyone else from being hurt.

There have been three serious incidents and one death in the last five years. Credit: ITV News Meridian