Camber couple receive royal praise for raising £830k+ for Teenage Cancer Trust

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A couple from Camber in Sussex have been praised for raising more than eight hundred thousand pounds for charity.

The efforts of Mike and Pascale O’Leary even managed to surprise both Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie who also took part in the first Teenage Cancer Trust Awardsceremony online. As the total amount was mentioned, the women gasped in amazement.

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice were visibly moved at the stories of the award winners Credit: Teenage Cancer Trust

The O’Learys were among the award winners to be recognised nationally for all the work they have done for the charity.

Mike and Pascale O'Leary raised over £830k for the Teenage Cancer Trust

Mike and Pascale O'Leary raised more than £830,000 over a period of thirteen years. They said they were inspired to help after hearing the story of a teenager who had died from cancer.

This little girl had been through it. She died at 14. You get enough out of it, thinking that maybe, maybe you’ve helped one of them.

Mike O'Leary, Fundraiser

The couple have been fundraising for more than a decade

Pascale said the couple had arranged various events over the past decade to raise money.

We mainly organize parties, so we try to make it a nice time for people so they want to come. So, you know it is like a dinner, dance and we also incorporate an auction and a raffle

Pascale O'Leary, Fundraiser

The O'Learys say that they will keep on with the good work. Next year they are hoping to be able to raise enough money for the charity to reach a grand total of one million pounds.