Bournemouth relegated from the Premier League after five years despite win

Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe after the match against Everton on Sunday. Credit: Catherine Ivill/PA Wire/PA Images

After five years of playing in the top flight of English football, Bournemouth have been relegated from the Premier League.

They got a vital win at Everton but Aston Villa picked up a point, which condemned The Cherries to the Championship.

Relegation means the loss of lucrative television money but also players and possibly the manager, Eddie Howe.

This was the reaction of fans to Bournemouth's second goal.

But then Aston Villa scoring at West Ham meant the end of the dream.

The reaction of fans outside the Vitality Stadium in Boscombe on Monday was mixed but ever hopeful.

I think at the moment everyone is just feeling a bit melancholy, looking at all the what if scenarios of the past.

Bournemouth Fan

We've beaten some of the best teams in the world and when you look back at the memories we have, you can't compare.

Bournemouth Fan

I think a lot of fans are now thinking ok, what's the next season going to hold for us and can we bounce back up and can we keep Eddie.

Bournemouth Fan

Former Bournemouth manager Harry Redknapp also thinks that keeping Eddie Howe will be the key to future success. 

When I took them into the Championship, that was the first time they'd been out of division three or four, and I thought that was a miracle getting them out of the Championship. What Eddie did way surpassed any of that. To take them through the Championship into the Premier and to survive as they did for five years, never really being in relegation trouble, is nothing short of a miracle.

Harry Redknapp, Former Bournemouth Manager

Few people thought Bournemouth could survive in the top flight of English football for five years. 

It was great news for the town, even providing a boost for the local economy. 

Fans hope it will happen again with more support for the manager.  

Eddie Howe speaks to the players at half time during the Premier League match against Everton. Credit: Tim Goode/PA Wire/PA Images

The side needs re-building anyway. That was part of the issue he was trying to re-build whilst trying to stay in the Premier League and it didn't quite work. So he's got a proper season in the Championship, get things right again and honestly, all the fans ought to be positive and optimistic because we ought to have enough to win more than 10 games next season and that will be much more enjoyable.

Jeff Hayward, Back Of The Net Podcast