Man from Oxfordshire wins the lottery 24 hours after being made redundant

Credit: Camelot

A man from Oxfordshire has won £1 million on the lottery, the day after he was made redundant.

David Adams, who's 61 and from Chipping Norton, was told he'd lost his job as a wood machinist on Friday (31 July).

He and wife Shelley then discovered their numbers had come up on Saturday's (1 August) online draw.

Credit: Camelot

David says that the redundancy was the latest in a long line of challenges the couple have faced.

"Just last year Shelley was diagnosed with MS and had to give up the job she loved as a community carer," he said.

"In April we sadly lost my sister-in-law due to a heart attack.

"Then in May we received the news that sadly so many families have received this year, her husband, my brother, had passed due to Covid-19."

But he said the couple "stick together and try to keep smiling," whatever life throws at them.

"Never in our wildest dreams did we think the next thing thrown our way would be one million quid!"

Credit: Camelot

Shelley said they discovered they'd won in the early hours of Saturday morning.

"David came into our bedroom saying ‘are you awake’, to which I pretty grumpily replied ‘well I am now’!

"But as he switched on the light I could see he was shaking so my grumpiness turned to worry as I asked him what was up, whereupon he told me we’d won the lottery.

"I was furious, I thought he meant a tenner!”

But the anger soon turned to delight as David revealed it was far more than £10.

The couple says that a new car is first on their shopping list, followed by a trip to Canada to visit friends and family.