Calls for Pontins in Camber to close after guest finds "faeces all over the bathroom"

Video Report by ITV News Meridian's James Dunham

There are calls for the Pontins holiday park in Camber in East Sussex to be shut down after several families shared their experiences of the "disgusting" conditions.

The company promises value for money and fun for families, but some guests at Pontins are dissatisfied after what they've described as a "traumatising" experience.

  • Julie Bowyer & Nathan Wilson

Julie, her two children and her partner Nathan say they couldn't believe the condition of their chalet at the Camber site.

Julie and Nathan think the Camber holiday park needs to be shut down. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Julie said: "We thought it was a budget holiday and I know people say you get what you pay for, but you couldn't pay me to stay there again."

She said she thinks she "made a mistake" and she wouldn't advise "anyone to take their children" there.

She added that the company has "taken a lot of money from a lot of people" and she so far hasn't spoken to "one happy camper".

The family were forced to head back to their home in St Leonards early.

Nathan says the family wanted to take the children for a little break somewhere which was "clean and tidy" but said they "got the complete opposite".

He thinks the park should be closed and rebuilt.

  • Karen Eary

Karen also booked a holiday at the Camber site. She says the condition of their chalet made her think that someone else was already there.

Karen Eary said she was forced to clean the bathroom at their chalet in Camber. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Karen said: "There was a frying pan in the sink with some bacon in. The bin was absolutely full of rubbish, with cigarette butts as well which you can imagine the smell."

Karen found a cleaner, but she says they gave her a cloth, some anti-viral spray and a toilet brush to keep for their stay.

Karen and her husband had to clean the bathroom themselves as their children needed to use the toilet.

  • Rebecca Luke

Rebecca had a similar experience while visiting with her family. She says they were moved from their room after finding it flooded.

Rebecca found a flooded bathroom at their chalet. Credit: ITV News Meridian

She spoke with the manager of the site, who she claims said: "We are so understaffed here, we're overworked, there's nothing that we can do."

Rebecca said she was left "disgusted" at the experience and "apart from going to the beach with the children, the whole week was an absolute write off".

  • Louisa Portman

Louisa also went to Pontins with her children. She said they didn't have high expectations and just expected basic accommodation.

Louisa said her experience was "traumatising". Credit: ITV News Meridian

Louisa says her experience was "traumatising".

She added: "My little boy said, 'Mummy why does everybody look happy in the pictures when actually everybody is crying, it's a lie'."

  • Lindsay Adams & Martin Mahoney

Lindsay and Martin had their wedding and honeymoon abroad cancelled.

So the couple, from Basingstoke, visited the Pontins at Brean Sands in Somerset.

Lindsay and Martin went to Pontins in Brean Sands after their wedding and honeymoon abroad was cancelled. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Lindsay said she saw the front door of their chalet and her heart "just sank".

She said she "kept trying to find the good in everything, find the positive in everything".

The couple soon found out that the conditions inside the chalet weren't much better.

Martin added: "That particular place needs shutting down, I've not been to others, but that's our feelings on the one in Brean."

Last month, Pontins posted a video claiming the chalets have been "cleaned and sanitised ready for your arrival".

But for the families that were placed in these conditions, they believe the best way to stay safe is to stay away.

Following the concerns shared by guests at Pontins in Camber Sands ITV News Meridian contacted East Sussex County Council who then confirmed their environmental health team is working to investigate.

The hand sanitising station at the Camber site was dirty. Credit: ITV News Meridian

We contacted Pontins for a response to the allegations about the state of its sites in Camber and Brean Sands but have not yet had any response.

While we've been contacted about the lack of hygiene at the holiday parks there are several posts online from people who have enjoyed their time at Pontins.

Those that have made official complaints are told they will have to wait up to 28 days to hear back.