Friends found dead in sea off Shoreham named

Harry Garrood (pictured right) and Matthew Stoneley (pictured left)

Two men from Brighton found dead in the sea off Shoreham on Monday have been named.

A huge search and rescue operation was launched on Monday after an inflatable dinghy was seen drifting out at sea early in the afternoon.

Harry Garrood (pictured right) was discovered by the RNLI following the search and rescue operation.

As police sought to establish his identity at the time, it became apparent that his friend was also missing.

A green dinghy was found in the water, prompting a search and rescue operation. Credit: Eddie Mitchell

Emergency searches continued on Monday evening until 11pm and resumed on Tuesday morning.

Around 8.45am on Tuesday, a body was spotted by the crew of a Coastguard helicopter in the water near Shoreham Beach and was recovered by the Shoreham RNLI.

He was identified as Matthew Stoneley, 46, also from Brighton.

Their deaths are not being treated as suspicious. 

Credit: Eddie Mitchell

HM Coastguard dealt with 340 individual incidents across the whole of the UK on Saturday, its highest amount of call-outs in a single day for over four years.