Rainbow made from recycled cans helps to discourage littering on Brighton beach

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A giant rainbow made from more than 2,000 aluminium cans has appeared on Brighton seafront.

The symbol, made from recycled cans, is to help encourage beach-goers to clean up after themselves.

The rainbow is made up of more than 2,000 aluminium cans Credit: ITV Meridian

It comes weeks after lots of rubbish was left on Brighton beaches, as people flocked to the seaside as lockdown restrictions eased.

Rick Hindley, Every Can Counts, said the ambition of the rainbow is to see a 100% recycling rate of aluminium cans in the UK.

More than 11 tonnes of rubbish was left of beaches across Brighton in one day Credit: ITV Meridian

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, the Labour MP for Kemptown, said he's "shocked" by the amount of litter in Brighton.

He said: "It's not hard to pick it up and it's not hard to recycle it here in Brighton. People really need to get into the habit of doing so."

A family in Margate has become so concerned by the amount of rubbish in the region, they now volunteer to pick up litter.

Scott Manclark and his two daughters dedicate their time to picking up trash and say sheer amount has "caught everyone by surprise."

The recycled rainbow will remain on Brighton seafront until the middle of September.

Natasha O'Neill, Creative producer, said the rainbow is a "fantastic symbol for hope and togetherness".