The piece of plastic helping with social distancing on the South's trains

Tap above to find out about the piece of plastic designed to make social distancing easier

It's no bigger than a bank card, is topped up online and now works with discounts such as the senior or young person railcard.

Govia Thameslink Railway has unveiled its solution to social distancing at the ticket office by giving people an alternative to queuing up.

People can bypass the ticket office they don't have to touch the gatelines.

Angie Doll, Managing Director - Southern Railway

Since lockdown passenger numbers across the Southern, Thameslink, Gatwick Express and Great Northern network have plummeted.

Before March, a million journeys were made every day that fell to 50,000 in lockdown and now sits at 300,000.


Journeys made every day before March


Journeys are being made every day now

The smart card technology is designed to make social distancing easier as people won't need to queue up Credit:

Angie Doll, managing director for Southern Railway said:

"I think a lot of people are still working from home at the moment and what we can see from a lot of businesses is that they are saying to their staff they can stay home until September or to the new year. We're not expecting to see people travel in the high commuter peak like we did previously but we are seeing people coming back to the railway and my message to people is that it is safe."

Watch: These passengers at Three Bridges feel safe with the measures put in place:

With more children returning to school, extra services are being added to the network from Monday to ensure social distancing