Residents demand safety assurances after Hoo warehouse explosion

Several explosions ripped through the building on Friday morning.

Residents are demanding to know what will be done to keep them safe in future after an explosion and fire ripped through an industrial building - just yards from their homes - in Medway on Friday.

At its height,  the fire at Hoo Marina could be seen for miles around - and the homes of around 200 people were evacuated. They had to be cared for in the local village hall or with their families.

Residents are now back home, but many of them have been staying away because of fears about the chemicals which may have still been in the air as the hot embers were damped down.

All that is left are the twisted remains of what was once a huge warehouse.  

The explosion was so violent it shook some residents out of their beds.

Eyewitnesses described a mushroom cloud of smoke - and canisters flying through the sky.

Not much now remains of the building which was used to store animal feeds - and had gas cylinders inside which exploded in the blaze.

The fire brigade were at the scene all weekend - picking through the rubble, damping down and making absolutely sure this fire was out - the investigation continues into how the blaze started.