Theatre performer swaps the stage for the supermarket aisles

Hannah Lowther from Reading has swapped the stage for the supermarket aisles Credit: Hannah Lowther

Some theatres in the West End are set to open again next month but for many of those who rely on the industry for a living they've had to find alternative work during the pandemic.

Like Hannah Lowther from Reading who has swapped the stage for the supermarket aisles.

However, she hasn't let her temporary change in career stop her performing and videos of her singing while at work in Tesco have been viewed more than 1.9 million times.

  • Report by ITV News Meridian's Charlotte Briere Edney:

Hannah Lowther's 9 to 5 was turned truly upside down when theatres closed earlier this year. 

Having trodden the boards in the West End, the stage performer began treading the aisles in a Reading Tesco.

  • Hannah Lowther, Performer:

Hannah has appeared in the King's Theatre Panto in Southsea- as Snow White, and in musicals on the London stage.

Hannah has appeared in musicals on the London stage.

As the saying goes, you can take the girl out of theatre, you can't take theatre out the girl. 

So it wasn't long before she started bringing show tunes to shopping.

So I was just doing it for fun, and then they started getting a few views, I was like mmm ok. So I made some bigger ones and put a bit more effort into them. And it blew up.

Hannah Lowther, performer

The videos have gone viral - some hitting nearly 2 million views - with celebs like X-Factor contestant and Supermarket Sweep presenter Rylan Clark-Neal sharing them.

"And he's like ITV's Rylan, Supermarket Sweeper, so that was pretty cool!"

Hannah says she'll continue entertaining fans with her videos, and as some theatres begin reopening, she hopes she'll be able to stop stacking and start performing once again.