'Additional' crew test positive for Covid-19 on HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth

A number of personnel on board HMS Queen Elizabeth have tested positive for coronavirus.

The Portsmouth-based warship underwent retesting for the virus, which revealed a number of 'additional positive cases'.

The Royal Navy says those individuals have been removed from the ship, while the remaining Ship's Company will 'continue to follow Public Health England guidelines'.

The carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Credit: LPhot Daniel Shepherd/MoD/PA

HMS Queen Elizabeth returned to Portsmouth on Saturday (12 September) to embark F35-B stores and personnel, and not as a result of additional personnel with Covid, according to a Royal Navy spokesperson.

HMS Queen Elizabeth was originally scheduled to sail later in the week, but the Royal Navy says departure is based on a 'number of factors' and that the decision to next sail 'rests with the Captain'.

Earlier in September, others members of the 1,000-strong crew had tested positive for the coronavirus and had been taken ashore to be put into isolation in barracks.

The carrier is set to depart for major international exercises, including the embarkation for the first time of both US and UK F35 Lightning jets.

It is aiming to declare strike carrier capability later this year ahead of its first operational deployment in 2021.