Modern Milk: The resurgence of doorstep deliveries

Watch: Lauren Hall takes a look at the uptake in milk deliveries

There was a time when milk was delivered to nearly every house, on nearly every street.

After a fall in demand, the current trend shows a resurgence after tens of thousands more customers are signing up.

The reason is partly due to the coronavirus pandemic, and partly due to more people wanting to be environmentally-friendly.

Cathryn Coleman has been getting her milk delivered for the past few years, and always looks forward to it arriving on her doorstep in Tunbridge Wells.

She says: "I'm supporting the local community, helping the environment. The children like the fact that we're using less plastic, as do I. And it suits my lifestyle that I don't have to think about buying more milk, because it gets delivered on the doorstep three times a week."

Darren Barnes has been a milkman for three decades. Credit: ITV News

Darren Barnes has been a milkman for three decades, starting out as a teenager. He believes the service can also be the eyes and ears of the community.

"Only about five weeks ago, during coronavirus, a guy was screaming in his backyard and he'd been laying there for 18 hours. I went around the back and phoned the paramedics and probably saved his life."

"It is a community. We're the tradition in this country."