Traffic light wristbands to help combat return to work anxiety

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee

A company in Hampshire has introduced wristbands, which use a traffic light system, to help those who are feeling apprehensive about returning to work post-lockdown.

A-One Insurance Group in Ringwood hopes the scheme will help colleagues integrate back into the workplace.

The move has been welcomed by staff, who can easily tell what their colleagues think about Covid-19 and the risk of infection.

The traffic light wristbands have been welcomed by staff at A-One Insurance Group. Credit: ITV News Meridian

I've chosen yellow because I feel like I've got to let my intentions be known that I'm still being cautious about the whole thing but I'm not someone who worries or feels anxious.

Staff member, A-One Insurance Group

The scheme is also operating at the company's other offices in Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire and East Sussex.

Following Monday's fresh warnings about infection rates, the boss expects to see a shift in the colours chosen.

I think we will see more people being a bit more anxious, a bit more apprehensive about things and we'll probably find more red wearers in the office as we see cases increase.

Sarah Eades, A-One Insurance Group