Aylesbury teenager becomes youngest to sail solo around Britain

He's now raised more than £8,000 for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. Credit: Round Britain 2020 Project

A 15-year-old boy from Aylesbury has become the youngest ever to sail solo around Britain.

Timothy Long sailed into Hamble Point Marina on Thursday (1 October) having completed the 1,600 mile journey.

He's now raised more than £8,000 for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, which helps young people rebuild their confidence after cancer through sailing.

During his long and arduous 11-week voyage, he had to battle giant waves, gale-force winds and sail for 24 hours straight, sometimes sleeping for just 20 minutes at a time.

On his JustGiving page, Timothy said: "This is by far the hardest thing that I have ever done because when you are solo sailing there is no one there to help - no support boat, nothing."

"This means that you have to be able to do everything ranging from navigation to looking after yourself and knowing how to fix anything that goes wrong on the boat."

He arrived back at Hamble Point Marina in Hampshire on Thursday (1 October). Credit: Round Britain 2020 Project

Along the way, he met his idol Dame Ellen MacArthur who wished him well on the last leg of his journey.

Dame Ellen personally thanked Timothy on behalf of the young people her charity supports.

She said: "It is an incredible achievement for anyone to sail single-handed around the UK, but to do it at 15 really is something else. While Timothy will always have the personal satisfaction of that achievement, the legacy of what he's done will be even more far-reaching in terms of helping to change the lives of young people in recovery from cancer."