The Kent drive-thru which could save lives this winter

Tap the video above to find out about the drive-thru which could save lives this winter

'Healthiness' and 'drive-thru', the two don't usually go together however a Kent GP practice has created one which quite literally is doctor's orders.

With the risk of people becoming sick with Covid-19 this winter, there's a plea to patients eligible for a flu jab to receive one.

As a result, Estuary View Medical Practice in Whitstable has converted its covid assessment centre into a immunisation clinic where patients can receive their vaccination without evening leaving their cars.


Flu jabs to be given out at the practice

The service can see up to four patients every minute with demand expected to double this year, as the list of those who are entitled to one has been expanded.

Who is eligible for a flu jab this winter?

Along with people over 65, those with long-term health conditions, pregnant women, and children aged 2 and 3 or at primary school, the list now also includes:

  • Children in Year 7 

  • Household contacts and carers of those on the NHS Shielded List

  • People aged between 50 and 64 could also be offered a free jab later in the year, if enough vaccines are available

The drive-thru flu clinic can vaccinate four people every minute

Dr John Ribchester, Clinical Director at Estuary View says this year's jab is crucial.

The worst thing that can happen is for covid still to be active and winter flu to come along as well. Many people don't realise that winter flu is a serious illness. Over the last five years it's killed 11,000 on-average every year. If you add that to the 42,000 who have sadly died it would be a terrible thing if people weren't immunised.

Dr John Ribchester, Clinical Director of Strategy

The NHS want to carry out 4.5 million vaccinations in the South East this winter.

4.5 million

Flu vaccinations planned for the South East this season

In the winter flu season the region seeing the highest number of outbreaks compated anywhere else in England.

For those patients who are booked in the jab is all about protection.

This is a fast flu clinic which this winter could save lives.