12-year-old boy given drink thought to contain bleach now recovering at home

Ronnie Philiips was put on a life support machine after drinking a can which believed to contain bleach

A boy who has Aspergers Syndrome had to be put on life support after drinking from a can believed to have been mixed with bleach.

12 year old Ronnie Phillips from Crawley collapsed near his home in Bewbush on Friday night.

But thanks to the swift actions of his younger brother, and a good samaritan - he was taken to hospital and he's now recovering at home. 

  • Tracey Willmore, Ronnie's grandmother

Ronnie had sneaked out of his home with his 11-year-old brother while his mother was sleeping and met up with a group of children.

What followed is unclear, but moments after drinking a can of fizzy drink Ronnie collapsed. 

Ronnie Phillips sneaked out of his home with his brother while his mother was sleeping and met up with a group of children
  • Jimmy Phillips, Ronnie's brother

Thankfully after being treated in hospital, Ronnie regained consciousness and is now at home recovering.

The police are now awaiting test results to determine exactly why Ronnie collapsed and are calling on anyone with information to get in touch. 

Luckily Ronnie is now out of hospital and recovering at home

The family are concerned it could have been a practical joke which went wrong and are keen to warn others of the dangers. 

I'd just say don't do it, because you get yourself and the other person into a lot of trouble and you could cause them a lot of pain.

Ronnie Phillips

The family would now like to trace and thank a woman who heard Jimmy's cries for help and called the emergency services.

Without her actions and those of Ronnie's younger brother there could have been a very different outcome.