Meet the 15-year old Kent farmer who is need of a helping hand

Tap the video to find out about the 15-year old farmer who needs a helping hand

Meet Reggie Smith, the farmer from Kent who, at the age of 15, isn't doing too badly.

He manages to look after heifers, pigs and lambs on land in Tenterden, all while juggling school, swimming and homework.

It's a passion he developed since the age of 11 which has now turned into a career with Reggie regularly providing top quality free-range beef, pork and lamb to a growing number of loyal customers amongst his extended family and friends, with plenty of positive reviews.

Reggie Smith with 'Bambi', his pedigree Highland

To help that business grow Reggie is now in need of a much larger space and is now looking for anyone in the county who has land to spare.

He's specifically looking for additional land in the Tenterden area, with trailer access, where he can graze his ever-increasing farm family. Reggie's mother Bex Smith said her son developed an interest in the industry when the family were on holiday in Wales,


We found a small petting farm called Foel Farm on the Isle of Anglesey and ended up renting a holiday cottage on their land. Reggie would just disappear and spend most of his time at the farm, helping out with the daily jobs which included mucking out and feeding.

Bex Smith, Reggie's mother

Reggie has been passionate about farming since the age of 11

Reggie's father, John Smith, is proud of his maturity...

Reggie was adamant that he would be the one to take his animals into the abattoir. He didn't want them to be stressed at all.  So each time they are ready, with the help of his Dad, he loads the animals himself and unloads them at the other end.

John Smith, Reggie's father

Reggie has learned his craft at Homewood School who teach vocational courses alongside mainstream subjects. They are one of the few schools in the country to have a working farm.

Homewood School Principal Jeremy Single said: "Reggie is a remarkable and inspirational young man who has shown enormous resilience and a determination to succeed. As a mixed ability school, Homewood is all about enabling every student to be the best they can be whatever pathway they take, whether academic or practical. I have no doubt that Reggie will achieve his farming dream."Anyone with suitable grazing land to offer Reggie should get in contact via Facebook or by emailing: